Business English: To check out

To check out” is a phrasal verb which often means: 1. to look at closely or investigate.  It is extrememly common in all types of conversations.  2. It can also mean to leave a business or institution by going through an official process.   In both cases, the phrasal verb is separable.

Examples definition 1:

We need to check out what the competition is doing a bit more carefully.

Let’s check out that new restaurant this weekend.

Check it out!  Isn’t that that actor from TV!

That guy at the bar is totally checking you out – I think he is interested.

Examples definition 2:

When checking out of the hotel, we saw some colleagues from the conference.

I couln’t check the book out of the library because I owed a fine.

In the *check-out line at the supermarket, I remembered that I had forgotten to buy eggs.

* Here it is used as a compound adjective not a phrasal verb.

Group of people looking through binoculars



2 Responses to Business English: To check out

  1. Miguel says:

    I love these mini-lessons. Good idea. 😉

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