English Salutations: Do You Really Know the Basics? (Part 3)

More Variations with English Language Salutations

Also, remember that the standard expression above “What’s up?” can be changed to ask about other people or things, too.  Notice that all examples refer to action and not state.  Read the three mini-conversations below for examples.

1A: What’s up?

1B: Not much.  I’m in a pizzeria – can you hear me, OK?

2A: What’s up with your girlfriend?

3B: She just got a new job in marketing.  She likes it and already feels comfortable there.

3A: What’s up with the construction on your building?

3B: Who knows?  They have been “making improvements” for over a year now.  They start hammering every morning at 8:00.  It is killing me!


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