English Salutations: Do You Really Know the Basics? (Part 2)

More Variations with English Language Salutations

Remember that the standard expression above “How are you?” can be changed to ask about other people or things, too.  Notice that all examples refer to state and not activity.  Read the five mini-conversations below for examples.

1A: How are you?

1B: I am a little tired – it’s Monday.  How are you?

2A: How is your sister?

2B: She’s great – she just got accepted to an MBA program.  How is your family?

3A: How is your job?

3B: Not so good.  I am covering (doing the work of) one of my co-workers and I am really busy.  How is your job?

4A: How’s your new project?

4B: The new project is challenging but interesting.  We hope to have it done by January.

Also very popular:

5A: How’s life? (Very open question referring to life in general)

5B: Things are a little chaotic as usual, but I can’t complain.  How are things with you?

Many students freeze when there is even a small change in a familiar question.  Get used to (accustomed to) the variations so that they don’t surprise you.


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