How To Say “Que Fuerte!” in English

There is nothing more common in Castellano than the phrase “Que fuerte!”  It is a phrase for extreme situations both good and bad.  My students try to translate the phrase directly and it doesn’t work.

A: I just got free tickets to the U2 concert!

B: How strong!

In English we don’t have one phrase for all situations.  We have various phrases depending if it’s good or bad.

“Fuerte” in the bad sense:

If you are using “fuerte” in a negative sense, we might use terrible, horrible, awful, or harsh.

A: My boss fired me because I wouldn’t relocate to Siberia

B: How terrible/ horrible/ awful/ harsh

“Fuerte” in the Good Sense:

If you are using “fuerte” in the positive sense, we might use great, wonderful, amazing or awesome.

A: I just got a bonus at work for 3,000 euros!

B: That’s great/ wonderful/ amazing/ awesome!


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