Shakira Really Shakes Her %ss in the She-Wolf Video!



Last week we listened to an interview with Shakira about her new video.  She’s one of those people that you either love or hate so I thought she would be good for conversation.  In addition to this, she is a great example of someone who has mastered English as a second language.

Before we began the listening, I asked the students about their views on Shakira.  One particularly enthusiastic young guy said, “She has really good ass movements!”


OK, let’s be honest: most people probably agree.  Shakira has a beautiful body and moves it well.  However, this students phrasing sounds really unusual – somewhere between comical and vulgar.  No native speaker would say that.

This student had basically the right vocabulary and has put the words together in a logical order, but still it just doesn’t sound natural.

A natural phrasing would be:

A little vulgar:

Shakira can really shake her ass!


Sharkira can really shake it!

Shakira can really move!

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