Thorough: What Does It Mean? How do you say it?

Thorough” is another “GH” word that looks a little strange, but don’t worry – it’s easy.

The pronunciation of “thorough” is simply /thur – ro/.  The “thur” sounds like “third” but without the “d”.   And the  “o” is long  like the “o” in “so”, “go”, or “hello”.

The meaning is easy, too.  “Thorough” just means “complete or total”, but is a little more formal.  Note that it is frequently used as an adverb, too.

Ex: She did a very thorough job on the report.

Ex: I am thoroughly annoyed by all of the traffic in this city.

Note: In countries where Latin languages are spoken this word sometimes gets ignored. This is because you can often use the familiar words “complete” or “total” in its place.  Native speakers do, however,  use  this word a lot (especially in writing) so it is good to know.

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