Beyonce Parody (Joke): If I Were a Girl. See Vocabulary Below.

Hey, we’ve already looked at the original Beyonce song, now let’s look at a parody (joke version).  You can re-enforce what you’ve already learned and listen for the differences.

Artist: Dave Days

Song: If I Were a Boy Girl

Words to the Song: Click here


Yeah: yes

To be missing: to be lost

Pen 15: New English for me.  Slang for “penis”

To give ____ a try: common expression for “to try”

To mess with: to play tricks on; to tease

Behind: bum, backside, butt

To check out: look at.  Very common expression in everyday English.

Ex: Hey check out that building – it’s on fire.

OMG: Oh My God.  This acronym is used frequently in SMS messages and emails.

Ha: Like “ha ha”; laughter

Gotcha: Slang form of “got you”.   It ‘s the same as “caught you!”

Dang: This is an expletive (something you say when you are surprised, angry or upset), but it is the super polite version.  It is used in place of “Dam”, which is considered a “bad word” and inappropriate in many situations.

Kinda: kind of; sort of

Change back: return to a previous state.

Ex: The princess changed the frog back into a prince.

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