The Most famous Sound Track In English The “Friends” Song! See Vocabulary Below.

So everyone knows this song from the popular TV series, “Friends”, but do you actually know what it says?  Read the vocab, read the lyrics, and learns some friend-ly vocabulary.

Song: I’ll Be There For You

From: The Show “Friends”

By: The Rembrandts

Read the words: Click Here


To be there for someone: to support or help someone

A joke: something one does or says to cause laughter.  Obviously, if your job is a “joke” it is not very serious.

To be “broke” is to have no money.

D.O.A.” is a acronym for Dead On Arrival.  It can refer to someone who arrives at the hospital emergency room dead.  In the song it simply means that your love life is horrible or non-existent.

To be stuck in second gear: Gears are the mechanical parts that allow a cars to function.  Normally cars have 4 or 5 gears plus reverse.  If you are stuck  in (trapped in) second gear, you are not going very fast – not making progress.

To be your day/week/month/year”  Simply means that you are having a good period.  It is used in the positive and negative.

Ex: Today is my day – I found $10 on the ground!

Ex: It hasn’t been her month; she lost her job then her house and now she is sick.

To pour: to put liquid in a glass, for example, is to “pour”.  “Pour me a beer”, “poor me a glass of water”, etc.  “Pour” also means to rain heavily.  The levels of rain from lightest to heaviest are: to mist, to sprinkle, to rain, to pour, and the famous expression “to rain cats and dogs”.

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