The “Ward” Series in English: Upward, downward, inward, outward…

Hey, do you want to learn all these words really quickly?

upward/s, downward/s, inward/s, outward/s, backward/s, forward/s, afterward/s (sorry, there is no “beforewards”), northward/s, southward/s, eastward/s, westward/s,  and, perhaps one of the most well-known: “toward/s”.

It’s easy.  The word “ward” in English has many meanings.  When it is combined with a preposition it means “in the direction of” and usually changes into an adverb or adjective.  This series is very useful and easy to learn.

The word “Upward” simply means “in the direction of ‘up'”, the word “backward” just means in the direction of “back”, etc.

The final “S” is optional but only when you are using the adverb form.  Seems a little complicated, huh? Avoiding the use of the “S” is the easiest option – you’ll always be correct.

Occasionally, the preposition, for example, “up” and the compound, for example, “upward” are interchangeable, but not always.  When the words are interchangeable, we often use the short form in conversation.

Many people don’t know that “Yuppie” is an acronym for “Young Upwardly Mobile Professional Person”.

He had to drink coffee to stay awake because he hadn’t slept, but he hadn’t slept because he had drunk too much coffee the day before – his caffeine addiction had officially become a downward spiral.

My guru told me to look inward to find true happiness.

Moving outward from the space craft, they began exploring the planet’s mysterious terrain.

After seeing the bear, I started moving slowly backward.

Once we resolved the problem, we were able to move forward with the project very quickly.

Afterward, I realized that I had left my umbrella in the cafe.

Moving north/south/east/westward the vegetation changed dramatically and we found our selves in an area so beautiful it could only be described as “paradise”.

Many countries are moving toward a policy of green energy.

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