In English, What Exactly Does “Bitch” Mean?

Here is the song “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks.  Read the lyrics here.

We need to talk about the word “bitch”.  The majority of people

seem to think that it means “prostitute”.  This is not correct.  I

don’t know how this misunderstanding has become so common.  I

think that in rap and hip-hop music the singers use the word in

this way, but in normal conversations we don’t do this.

Normally, “bitch” means angry person or person with bad

intentions.  And, I am sorry to say, but it is a feminine word.

Don’t worry, there are other insults which are almost exclusively


Being a “bitch” can be a temporary or permanent condition.  I

guess everyone knows that calling someone a “bitch” is an insult.

Ex: My boss is being such a bitch today.

Now, obviously this doesn’t mean “my boss is being a prostitute” –

it means angry.

Bitch” as a verb is different.  It means to complain and can be

used with men or women.

Ex: Quit your bitching! (Stop your complaining)

Underneath: Underneath and under are almost identical.  Here it

means below the surface.

Relieve: to end tension.

Ex: I thought I was going to do badly on the test, but I was

relieved to get 80%.

All rolled into one: This phrase means to be combined.

Ex: This is my house and my painting studio all rolled into one.

A sinner: someone who breaks God’s rules.  Historically, if

you worked on Sunday (in the Christian faith) that was a sin and,

therefore, you were a sinner.

Ashamed: similar to embarrassed but more negative.  You can be

embarrassed if someone says something nice about you.  To be

ashamed is to feel bad about your previous behavior.

Hell: is the place where the devil lives.  There is lots of fire

and it is very hot.  Sinners (see above) go to hell.

Rest assured: I assure you

Figured out: to understand as in to know something for the first time or solve a problem.  It usually doesn’t mean comprehend.

Ex: I just figured out that we have two holidays next month! (understand for first time)

Ex: Figuring out how to connect my wi-fi was a disaster. (solving the problem)

Ex: I  figure out understand French. (not the same as comprehend)

Seasons: the 4 parts of the year – spring, summer, autumn, and


A tease: a person who promises something but doesn’t give it.  It

usually refers to sex but can have other uses.

A: I have a huge secret, but I can’t tell anyone.

B: Ah, don’t be such a tease!

Undercover: disguised, secret – a “secret police” is an

“undercover police”

Numb: to feel no sensation or feeling.  When you go to the dentist

you get a shot (injection) that makes your mouth numb.

Revived: to be renewed or live again –  to regain your energy

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