Learn English Vocab With The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Video? Under the Bridge – The Unplugged Version. See Vocabulary Below.

Group: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song: Under the Bridge

Read the words: click here

Remember “sometimes” means occasionally (habit) but “sometime” (no “s”) refers to some point in the future.

Ex: Sometimes I sing in the shower.
Ex: Sometime we should have lunch

Partner: boyfriend or girlfriend

City of angel: Los Angeles

is to be without other people and sad.  If you are without other people but not sad, the word is “alone”.

Ex: I always jog alone in the park. (Here I am alone but not sad).
Ex: I am lonely when I spend Christmas away from my family. (Here I am sad)

Deeds: an action – we usually talk about “good deeds” not “bad deeds”.
Ex: Giving your seat to an old person on the subway is a good deed.

And she kisses me windy”:  A poetic phrase that simply means he feels like the city is kissing him when he feels the wind.

A lie: Notice that we use the phrase “a lie” but we say “the truth”.  The idea is that there are many lies but only one “truth”.

The final stanza which begins “Under the bridge downtown” is said to refer to a bad experience with drugs.

To draw has many meanings.  It can, of course,  mean to make pictures.  It can also mean to “extract” or “release”.   “To draw blood” is to remove blood from your body – usually in a hospital.  Here it seems to be an accident involving drugs under a bridge.  There are actually many more meanings for “draw” that we will talk about another day.

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