Stand By Me – The Surprise International Version. From Russia to Brazil to South Africa to Native American Indians in The US!

The following song is a classic.  Here the musicians created a very international version.  To read the words to the song click here.

The man who introduces the song says,  “This song says, ‘No matter who you are, no matter where you go in your life, at some point you gonna (are going to) need someone to stand by you.'”

Stand” means to be on your feet.  To stand by someone, of course, literally means to be on your feet near them.  Less literally, it means to support.

Ex: He really stood by me during my divorce.

Afraid: scared, frightened.  Notice that in English we use “to be” with this word.

Shed as a verb has many meanings.  It can be to take off, get rid of or release.

Ex: Snakes shed their skin when they grow.

Ex: Marilyn Monroe tried to shed her image as a dumb blond.

Ex: He has no heart; he has never shed a tear (cried) in his life.

Darling” is a term of endearment similar to “baby” or “sweetie”.  It is a name you call people who you are intimate with – friends, family members, partners.  It is often said without the final “g”, “darlin’” because of its casual friendly nature.

To look upon is just a formal was of saying “to look at”

“Tumble” and “stumble” are very similar words.  Both are related to fall.  Tumble is when a person or thing falls.  “Stumble” means to miss a step when walking and fall or almost fall.  Stumble can also refer to speech – when you try to say something, but mispronounce it.

Crumble” looks similar to the other two words and, yes, it has a similar meaning.  Crumble means to break.  Specifically it means when small pieces break off of something dry and fragile.  A very common example is bread or toast.  These things “crumble” and the little pieces are called “crumbs”.  Because things often fall when they crumble, it has a relation to “stumble” and “tumble”.

Trouble” means problem.  To be “in trouble” means you have a problem  – often because you have done something wrong.  It usually refers to the punishment you receive.  Here it simply means “to have problems”.

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