What Exactly is a Blog?

So you are reading a “blog”, but what exactly does it mean?  Kind of a funny little word isn’t it? “Blog” comes from the word “log”.  OK, now the question is, “What is a ‘log'”, no?  Good question.

“Log” has a couple of different meanings, but one of the main definitions is a document that records progress.  For example, an athlete might have a training log, a teacher might have a teaching log, and, historically, travelers and explorers had travel logs.  And now maybe you are asking where the “B” came from?  Another excellent question.

For many years, “logs” were not popular until someone thought of putting them on the Internet.  When this was done, they were called “Weblogs” (web + log), and they became very popular.  We collectively decided that it was easier or more fun to shorten the word and say simply “Blog” in place of “Weblog”.  And now every man, woman and child has one.

Like so many words in English, we naturally converted the word into a verb, as well.  You can say, “I have a blog” or more succinctly, “I blog”.  The person who does this is, of course, a “blogger”.  And the individual writings are called “blog entries”.

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