* In The Hood! A Common Suffix in English

Hood” is a suffix in English that is quite common.  There are some variations, but it almost always means “State” as in period or epoch”.  You can easily add the following to your vocabulary:

Childhood: the state of being a child

His unusual childhood gave Augusten Burroughs great material for his first novel.

Motherhood: the state of being a mother

She has always been rebellious and highly independent, but adapted effortlessly to motherhood.

Fatherhood: the state of being a father

Fatherhood has really changed his perspective – many say he is more compassionate.

Parenthood: the state of being a parent

The first years of parenthood are chaotic, difficult and often very funny.

Sisterhood: the state of being a sister

That summer they formed a sisterhood that was to last a lifetime.

Brotherhood: the state of being a brother

Even being separated by thousands of kilometers didn’t affect their brotherhood.

Adulthood: the state of being an adult

They say you are an adult at 18, but real adulthood doesn’t begin until you start solving your own problems.

Neighborhood is not as abstract as the other examples.  It refers to the physical boundaries of the areas that make up the residential zones of a city.  It varies a bit from the other meanings but not too much.

My neighborhood has food from every country – you have to come for lunch!

* “In the hood” is a slang expression popularized by rap and hip hop music which means “In the neighborhood”

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