Fun vs. Funny – The Confusion Just Isn’t “Funny” Anymore!

These two words are not the same!

“Fun” and “Funny” may look the same but are very different.

“Fun” means a good time, a pleasant time – generally enjoyable.

“Funny” means extremely humorous or very strange.

“Funny” is a powerful word that will make us very curious.  “Fun” is a standard word used to describe normal situations.  Many students think that the two words are “close enough” – this leads to confusion.

Here is a real-life example:

I spoke to Nano on Friday he said he was going to go to dinner with his friends.  On Monday we spoke again:

Me: So how was dinner on Friday?

Nano: It was so funny!

(Now I am thinking something really crazy happened.  Was there a live comedian at the restaurant?  Did the waiter accidentally spill a big glass of red wine on someone’s white blouse?  Did someone get drunk and dance on the table?)

Me: What happened!  (I obviously want some details on this crazy night)

Nano: We ate.

Me: And… (I am dying for more information!)

Nano: And it was so funny.

Me: Ya, but what was so funny? (Enough with the suspense!)

Nano: The dinner.

Me: OK, so what else happened?

Nano: Oh, you mean after dinner?

Me: Ya! (Finally, I’m going to hear the wild stories!)

Nano: After dinner we had dessert.

Me: And…

Nano: It was so funny.

Me: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!  Stop torturing me!

In the above dialogue, if Nano had just said, “It was fun”, I would have simply replied, “great” and there would have been no confusion.  As I said before, “Funny” is a powerful word that sets up (establishes) strong expectations.

Trust me, this type of confusion is “funny” the first time – after than it is not so funny.

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