Ay! Another False Friend!

False Friends: Actually and Actualmente

Remember that a “False Friend” is a set of words that look the same but have different meanins.  For example, “Education” (English) and “Educacion” (Spanish) look the same and, or course, are the same.  This is normal – when things look similar the definitions are usually similar also.  But be careful because somtimes this is not true.  “Actually” (English) and the Spanish “actualmente”  are not the same.  “Actually” means “really” and is
usually used to correct people.  The similar looking word “actualmente” means “nowadays” or “currently”.

Here’s the trick:
When you are speaking English imagine an “F” at the front of “Actually”.  The changes the word to “Factually” like “fact”, which is closer to the word’s definition.  Remember normally, you are correcting someone’s information (facts) when you say “(f)actually”

“Are you from Canada?”
“No, (f)actually  I am from Australia”

“Did she study art history?”
“(f)Actually, she studied business administration.”

“Are we leaving at 10:00?”
“No, (f)actually we are leaving at 10:00”

Problem solved, no?

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