The Annie Lennox Interview

Annie Lennox is, of course, the most famous member of the 1980s duo, The Eurythmics.  If you don’t know her work, look below at one of her most famous videos.

Famous music video:

The following interview is about 4.5  minutes long.  It is divided into five sections.  Each of these sections has several comprehension questions.  Listen to the first section and answer as many questions as possible.  If you can’t understand portions – no worries – we will talk about the content in class.  The rest of the sections are optional.

Charlie Rose Interview

To get a printable copy of the questions go to:

First Job

What was her first job?
What town is she from?
She describes her town as a “___ town in the ___ ___ of Scotland”
What three things did she serve?
What did she do with her savings from this job?
Does she “come from money”?
What was the “object of her interest”?
Why is she happy to have worked at the cafe?


According to Annie, how do you get into the music industry?
She lists several categories about which one might be passionate: what are they (total of four)?
What three adjectives does she use to describe passion?
What does she say about the “end result”?
What relation do these ideas have to life in general?
Her final phrase in this section is “as far as I am ___”

Self doubt

She says her mind is “rather ___ ___ and not not ___ confident”.
She says that she had to ___ (compound word) her fears and ___.
What terrified her?
A partial solution to the fact that life is terrifying is ___ ing and ___ing.


What was “taken for granted”?
What was fought for?
Who died?
She says people can be imprissioned for speaking ___ against the government (phrasal verb).
What is she respectful of?
What would she like to see in other parts of the world?
She speaks about women’s lives “socially”, “politically” and in terms of their ___
In the end she says of feminism “don’t ___ it and don’t ___ ___ ___ ___.”

Taste in Music

Where did she travel recently?
What type of music did she hear?
How is this music different?
What doesn’t she “pay too much attention to”?
In the final moment of this section, what does she say she likes?


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