Bananas For Business! U/H 8:30

Theme: Solving Business Conflict Over the Phone

Such Drama!  The students had all done a quick bit of homework giving them 24 phrases for politely complaining and responding to complaints.  Upon coming to class, each student was presented with a slip of paper containing a  problem they had to resolve by phone and… a banana.  The banana functioned as a phone and added to the realism (or perhaps surrealism) of the situation.  The students took no time to get fully in character.  Although the purpose was solving problems, it must be said that several situations ended with threats of  legal action.  To their credit the legal action was only used as a very last resort.  In the meanwhile, the rest of us enjoyed top quality entertainment.


CI, CE, CY and I in general.


quaint, handicapped, to pride oneself on, thesis, exempt, brochure, tight budget, sue, worsen, spirit of fairness, to loan, to lend,  to borrow…


More formal structures and phrases appropriate to business (class packet).


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